Can I crash on your couch?

Hey guys!  I’m “Can I crash on your couch”…or ‘Crash’ for short because ‘Can I crash on your couch’ is a weird thing to call someone.  I’m a 28 year old PhD chemist currently living in Åarhus, Denmark.  I’ve been here for three days now, so I’m basically a local.

I grew up in Orlando, Florida and almost as quickly as I could I evacuated the south.  It isn’t that that I don’t love parts of the southeast (read: family and friends…and the beaches and springs).  There’s unfortunately still a certain amount of bigotry that exists and that is a bunch of bullshit.  It’s 2016.  Let’s all just be humans together, yeah?  So I moved to California.  Got a PhD.  Met the love of my life.  It was a pretty solid 5 years.  My fiancé (henceforth known as Harry…because Harry Potter…duh) didn’t even apply for jobs in the US – only abroad.  Maybe that makes us weird.  Maybe it makes us exciting.  I vote exciting.

If you choose to you can read about science, travel, tattoos, food, sex, money, exercise, nerdy shit, and whatever the fuck else pops into my head in this blog thingy.  I’ll try to make as few typos as possible but I make no bloody promises.  The other amazing women who write here will put some incredible stuff to the page.  So you don’t have to deal with just my babble (how did you get so lucky?).  Did I mention how awesome these other ladies are?  Seriously.  Amaze.  Balls.





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