London! Warning: This post contains tons of pictures.

We recently spent the weekend in London, and what a weekend it was!  Though some of my favorite pictures are with the friends we met there, I will not post those in the name of remaining anonymous.

We started our trip hungover (two of our labmates had their final PhD defense on Friday last and there was a rather large party afterwards…).  It was a 40 minute bus ride to the Aarhus airport, a 1.5 hour plane ride (is this how one would say this?) to the London/Stansted airport, a 2 hour bus ride to the Victoria coach/train/tube station, a 20 minute tube ride to the Parsons Green exit in Fulham, and finally a 10 minute walk to the first air bnb we stayed at.  It was a lot of travel to manage while hungover, but we did it.  Given the hangover, no photos of this leg of the trip were procured.  I was more focused on not vomiting on the person next to me.  We had some greasy fish and chips for dinner that night in a little pub called the Durell Arms (along with a little hair of the dog), and I finally felt like a human again.

The next day we met up with our friends at the Captain Cook in Fulham for breakfast, bloody marys, and planning for the day.  After breakfast we tubed it to the Westminster area where we walked around near Downing Street (where the Prime Minister is most likely to be found and you can find some of the only police in London with massive guns…).  We had some walking around beers including ghost ship, and old speckled hen.  We walked through St. James park which leads right up to the gates of Buckingham Palace, and then headed over towards the London Eye.  We did the Champagne flight, which was easily worth the extra GBP10.


Big Ben!  Tourists!


The gates of Buckingham Palace.  More tourists.


Other, less intensely crowded gates at Buckingham.


Gilded statue at Buckingham.  Yet more tourists.


A back door found in an alley across from St. James Park.


Pretty phenomenal view of the Eye across the Thames.


The Eye from below.


If you’re gonna do it, do it right.


Westminster Abbey and Big Ben from the Eye.


I like photos that show off the engineering.

We spent the rest of the day drinking heavily, pub quizzing, and eating.  Most of the photos I took were selfies.  So yeah.  The next day we had breakfast at a fantastic cafe in Fulham just before our friends took off back to the states.  We colored a fanciful unicorn at breakfast which was fucking wonderful.


We then spent the day at the Tate modern at museum and doing some shopping at the Jubilee street market.  I went to the Tate more for my cousin than for myself.  He wanted to visit so badly on his trip to London, but didn’t make it.  To be honest I didn’t know if I was going to enjoy it or not.  Modern art isn’t usually my thing.  I. Fucking. Loved. It.  The space was amazing.  I didn’t realize that Modern art meant Picasso, Monet, Degas, Matisse, and Warhol.  It was a fantastic (and free!) experience.


The Tate.






A good question.


The not so leaning tower of media.


Makes you think…


Speaking of balconies… I took this one from the fourth floor balcony of the Tate.

Jubilee street market was an unexpected part of the day, and it was great.  There was a Punch and Judy bar (that we didn’t go to), an awesome open air antique market (which we couldn’t shop at since we only had credit cards for this trip), and a fancy mall with all the typical trimmings.  The store I ended up spending the most money at was a place called Bravissimo.

Real talk.  I am a fairly busty woman.  According to the US standard sizes I am a 36DD.  I have been wearing bras since I was in fourth grade.  The only place I have ever been able to find a bra that is simultaneously cute and effective (and that lasts more than 2 months) is Victoria’s Secret.  I am not made of money, though I have given them enough of my money over the years that they might think so.  Bravissimo is another level of awesome.  I had a personal fitter for 20 minutes.  She helped me make sure I am wearing everything correctly.  She didn’t use a tape measure one single time.  According to them I am a 34G.  This bra is adorable, makes my books look uh-maze-ing, relatively comfortable (which is a rare thing to say about an incredibly supportive bra) and was about USD20 cheaper than the standard Vicky’s bra.  I’ll keep you posted on how it lasts, because I know you are dying to know.  Way to go Bravissimo.  Way to go.

Ok, and now the pictures.


View of the iconic things from the Thames walk.


We need street art like this in the states.


As in the cage, yep.


Street market!



We had dinner at a place called Fire and Stone.  We consumed an entire baked camembert with pears and rosemary bread.  I regret nothing.  We then had lots of sex in our wonderful room at the captain cook back in Fulham.  It was pretty much the perfect weekend.

One last thing.  We were gifted with an amazing sunset from our bedroom and balcony when we got back to Aarhus the following day. So, yeah.


We live here.  Is this real life?


Fiery clouds.




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