My fitness goals (and a little bit of self care?)


It’s really great to read about your new fitness journey. I love your enthusiasm and I’m excited to hear you’re seeing results. So in that spirit, I’m going to pause on the post I’ve been working on about a Disney movie I really enjoy (I’ll get back to it; don’t worry) to talk about my fitness goals.

So when I impulsively signed up for a 10k last year, little did I know how much I was going to enjoy it. I’ve done three 10ks in total and it kind of feels like tattoos or piercings; once you get one you gotta get more. While I’m not currently signed up for another race, I fully intend to once I’ve got some things sorted.

Anyway. I have two goals:

  1. Do well at a 10k
  2. Complete a Half Marathon

Appropriately, I have two things standing in my way

  1. My hip flexor has become extremely uncooperative. As of the last time I ran, I can go a whole nine minutes before it starts hurting and this pain likes to stick around. It likes to fuck up my next couple days. (By the way, my last race was in January so this is extra bullshit)
  2. These days my brain is like a badly socialized house cat. I’ll have periods of time where it purrs along contentedly then for no apparent reason, it starts ripping up the furniture and yowling from behind the couch on its breaks from ankle swiping.

Whatever. Just because I’m not in the best place to achieve my goals doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do what I can to work towards them. I’ve been beating myself up over the fact that I’m not working out five days a week like I was when I started training for my first race, but that hasn’t actually resulted in a change of behavior. Instead, I’ve recently discovered that it’s much more motivating to celebrate the successes I’ve had than to hound myself over my failures. For example, in my introduction post I resolved to write more and even though you haven’t seen it on the blog, I’ve been writing almost every day since and that’s at least correlated with the better attitude I’ve had towards my scheduled work outs.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve only really been able to devote myself to one workout a week and if that’s all I can do then, oh well, that’s all I can do. My hope though, in the short term, is to add at least one more day of strength training. It’s an all-around good idea but I’ve decided on this, specifically, in order to strengthen my uncooperative hip flexor. Then once I’m healed up, I can sign up for a race and the real training can begin. Hopefully I’ll be Half Marathon ready by November.

Wish me luck! I’ll update you on how my own fitness journey is going once I have something else to say.

Lastly to the other ladies that are supposed to be posting here, do you have any fitness goals? How are they progressing? If you don’t, are there any other projects you’re working on?


—Land Mermaid


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  1. operation264 says:

    Land Mermaid! I love the way you describe your brain like a poorly socialized house cat. I literally can picture my fluffy butt head running around like a bat out of hell and…though I never realized it…it is an apt description of how my brain can feel at times. I’m happy to hear you are still running – I know I loved running with you and loved seeing how happy and proud it made you. Even if your crazy ass made me get up at ass o’clock to do it. XD Keep at it girl! – Crash


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