Seriously – make your preparations and get yourself to Iceland.

This is a long post and I am not sorry.  ❤

I was sitting on my couch enjoying some post workout relaxation(read a cold beer and more than likely a Harry Potter movie) one night about a month ago, when I got a message from a good friend of mine (here called Joe).

Joe : Do you want to go to Iceland at the end of April?

Me: Let me look into how much travel will cost real quick.

Joe: *waits patiently*

Me: Fuck yes.

Of course there were a few more details about days, times, etc., but that’s the gist of it.  Next thing I knew we had plane/train tickets for a trip from Aarhus to Reykjavic and an air bnb in Reykjavic for 3 nights/4 days.  I have to tell you; I have done a fair amount of travelling and this was easily one of the top three most beautiful places I have ever been.  It will be my immense pleasure to share some photos and memories of this once in a lifetime trip. Moreover, this will be one of the few times I share photos with peoples faces in them.

We took an ass o’clock train from Aarhus to Copenhagen, and then flew on wow airlines from there to Reykjavic.  It was a 3.5 hour flight, and the views we got of the main glacier of Iceland were pretty phenomenal.  We didn’t have a window seat so the photo I have to share was taken by a kind stranger next to me.


This land glacier apparently takes up 13% of the land mass that is Iceland.  #airplanephotosbystrangers


This airlines vomit bags were hilarious.  Also, the pilot legitimately told jokes.

We arrived in Reykjavic, and Joe (who had arrived the day before and rented a car) came to pick us up from the airport.  We headed to our air bnb and then spent the night enjoying dinner downtown and wandering about Reykjavic.  We headed back to the air bnb pretty early because the following day was packed to the brim and we knew it.


“Everything the light touches…”


A train that was used for mining years ago.  Chilling downtown.


Stylized viking boat!  Reykjavic is pretty beautiful.


“Let’s have a kiki!  I wanna have a kiki.  Lock the door, tight!” – Scissor Sisters


Tourists doing touristy things near the Hallgrímskirkja.

The next day was Saturday (and also happened to be the birthday of one of our party- here called Mary).  We woke up and were ready to go by 0700 because we were headed to þingvellir national park to snorkel/scuba the Silfra fissure.  This is the only place on earth you can snorkel/scuba between two continental plates.  Some fun facts about the area:

1. This was the original site of the Icelandic parliament (and as such it is a UNESCO cultural heritage site).
2. As mentioned above, it is the only place on earth where you can scuba/snorkel between two continental plates (in the case the north american and eurasian plates; as such it is UNESCO protected land site as well).
3. The temperature the day we snorkeled was 2C.
4. The water in this location fluctuates between 2 and 3C all year round.
5. The spring  we snorkeled in is glacier melt which has been filtered through massive amounts of volcanic rock.  They estimate (by isotopic monitoring we presume) that it take ~150 years for every water molecule in the spring to make it’s way from the glacier to where we got to swim.
6. The human eye can see ~75m underwater if it is clear enough; the water in this location allows for specialized equipment to capture images up to 150m away – almost twice as far as the human eye is physically capable of seeing.
7. The deepest portion of Silfra fissure is 63m.
8. It snowed on us about 10 minutes before we got in the water.  No jokes.  The dry suit they put us in was stellar.  I know this because we were in the water for 45 minutes and I still have all my limbs.

Ok – on to the photos.


Moss covered volcanic rock surrounded by mountains and springs.  I swear I thought a dragon was going to show up at any moment.


This is what this amazing place looked like above ground.

IMG_20170422_112517 (1).jpg

Guys!  It’s Harry and I standing between two continents! Mind the hair – we did just finish snorkeling.


Is this place real?


So pretty it makes you make an ugly face.


High on life for sure.


Hard to believe this place exists.


That’s me guys!  I can’t describe how fucking amazing this was.




Safety orange snorkels.


I have never seen anything like this in my life.


Are you kidding me?


Joe figured out this underwater photo thing real quick.


Joe and I.


Some perspective on the grandeur or this shit.


The group in Silfra cathedral.


So happy.  And so cold.  ❤

Since that wasn’t enough adventure for one day, later we went to a natural hotspring.


2C outside.  40C water.  Uh.Maze.Ing.  Albeit a bit sulfurous what with it being a post volcanic area and all that.

Next day we drove up to Snaefellsjoekull National Park.  The drive itself was bloody breathtaking.


And now the national park!


That rock formation is called landrangar – and there are theories that is used to be the throne of a troll king.




Random fitness equipment.


This was the ‘sand’ at this beach.  Lava rock washed smooth from the tides…


I just made a snow angel.  In April.  At the beach.  In Iceland.  *sigh*


“Oooohhhhmmmm…” -Joe


This was the view in one direction.


This was the view in the other.


Joe, Harry, and Mary for scale.


This country is one of the most picturesque places I have ever been in my life.

We got very, very drunk that night and spent the next day hungover/travelling back to Denmark.  This was perhaps not the best use of a final night in Iceland, but it sure was fun (minus the travelling with a hangover part, that sucked).

So in short: Go.  Go to Iceland.  You will not regret it.




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