I jumped in the Skagerrak and Kattegat!

Since we moved to Denmark last August it has been a goal of mine to completely submerge myself in the incredibly cold waters of either the Skagerrak or the Kattegat.  These are the seas that border Denmark on the west and east side (respectively) that then flow into the North and Baltic seas (respectively).  The waters are very cold, and often quite turbulent.  This past weekend I got my chance!

We had some friends visit- and the husband of the couple (here called Al) is apparently just as crazy as I am.  Harry and Al’s wife (here called Joyce) watched our crazy asses and took pictures.  We steeled our reserves, tried to ignore the loud warnings in our heads, and did the damn thing.  All the photos you will see were taken by Joyce.  ❤

Every freezing, salty breath tasted of victory.


An old WWII bunker that is now partially submerged.  Of course we climbed on it.

IMG_3932a.jpg We’re a pretty good looking bunch if I don’t say so myself.


Where the two seas meet in ‘eternally clashing waves’.


Just before the full submerge into the Kattegat.  If you could here the insane laughter it would indicate to you just how cold the water was (if the posturing doesn’t do it).


Just before the full submerge in the Skagerrak.  This water felt warmer – whether because our bodies were already frozen or it actually was is still up for debate.

It was cold, it was salty, it was gloriously exhilarating, and it was victorious.





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