Harry Potter og des vises sten – til koncert

Such a fun date night!


Money, Money, Money and Saving it…or Not

So I don’t know if you could tell by my total downer introduction that I’m not exactly happy with my job. One of the things I’ve found that gets me through the thing that pays my rent is looking forward to my next trip or vacation and generally being able to take time off occasionally….

My fitness goals (and a little bit of self care?)

Crash, It’s really great to read about your new fitness journey. I love your enthusiasm and I’m excited to hear you’re seeing results. So in that spirit, I’m going to pause on the post I’ve been working on about a Disney movie I really enjoy (I’ll get back to it; don’t worry) to talk about…

I joined a gym!

“So Crash, how’s your Danish these days?” “Oh, it’s great! I know the words for left and right, lift, shoulder, legs and arms. Basically – I know gym danish. Yeah.”

Land Mermaid Says Hello

Hello all! I am Land Mermaid, and I’m about to treat you to a depressing intro post. Sorry? Here we go: For the longest time I believed that school was the absolute clearest path to success. It was supposed to go like this: if: good grades then: college admission; followed by if: good grades then:…

Learning Danish

The danish language is difficult. It is easier if I am slightly drunk, or have a mouth full of food.